January 23, 2006


Sf this yr was such a flop! ya the sankar mahadevan star nite was gud enuf but the rest were so so. Even the fashion parade didn't evoke ny spirits, the way it used 2 do last few yrs; many good teams were missin nd some new teams -likes of NIT Jamshedpur -were just horrible. thr wasn't a single gal (what we look out for) in the nit jam show nd the costumes nd models appeared 2 hav come frm some dense jungle of jharkhand. the dance troupe, some creations unlimited crap, was also a big headache; we sat put till the end 2 watch Kgp's hometeam perform (man even in final yr we hav sum insti tempo though we no longer shout kgp ka tempo... as in the fresher dayz) it was a big letdown. i believe the best part of fashion parade was Arunav's anchorin.

The only reason guyz like me look forward 2 Sf is b'coz of its ability to promote guyz from the single status 2 committed status. in the last three yrs, i had never tried hard 4 a gal (though my glances wud salivate at every gal exposing nythin beyond the knees). this yr was quite diff though; we, i nd my wingies, had finally realised that now that we r graduating, if we don't get a girl friend soon, everything has 2 b left 2 parents... so we resolved 2 get hold of ny pretty gal we find in the arena without a bodyguard (boyfrnd...) nd ask her 'can I buy you a drink?'. i donno know how Charlie managed 2 hangout with a new blonde everyday in "Two And Half Men" just by saying this; frm my personal exp, this doesn't work.

Not that single gals weren't available this sf. The mass parade of Rourkela nd Bhubaneswar ppl wasn't seen this yr (I hav heard NIT Rourkela nd all the numerous cols in bhubaneswar had insti holiday on friday -the first sf day -last yr so that they cud come down 2 sf) still there were many fish in the aquarium 2 catch. You need the talent nd skills 2 grab them. many have learnt that in just 1-2 years (i found quite a few second yrs roamin with gals they had just met) but like most Kgpians, i haven't yet learnt that skill at the end of four yrs.


Abhinav Somanchi said...

oh dear .. i was really surprised that after 4 yrs u did not develop enough sense not to watch the FP bcoz it sucks .. the visibility is pathetic and the chicks generally horrible apart from one or two and they wear the aura of attitude .. so wat's the point .. get out of this wreched place devoid of the fairer sex and i hope their would be a fan frenzy for u thr .. but hark TATA is not quite full .. because its full of indian mentality and inside the company u'll have really good company with hot iron rather than cool chicks :-). All the best :-)

Thulika - My pen said...

Yes sure, SF looks like an IIT guys idea of inviting some girls over into the male dominatod territory of IIT, Truely 3 days of spring after 362 days of cold winter!!! Yes FPs suck big time!!