January 16, 2009

The Classroom Bard

Hey guys
I again broke off 4 a long period this time -the last post came back in september 2k8. But now I am gonna follow up regularly... perhaps bcoz now i m under training for the next 16 months. So no work load. On top of tht I have to attend, and bear, boring lectures on accountancy nd business laws... all the time in the class, i being a back-bencher, i spend either sleeping or scribbling something or the other.

Today I present a poem I wrote in the class just yesterday. Now, I am not much of a poet. I used to write funny poems when i was a kid -I was known in the whole school for that -but then, i left writing poems when i grew up. Perhaps it is because when you don't get the feeling, and the flow, all that you write is only superficial. But this one came very spontaneously. While most poets rely on poppy to get high b'fore composing verses, I relied on accounting jargon... and beware this poem oscillates between sarcasm, humor, and romance not exactly reaching at anything

I don't know, I don't
What she means to me
Races apart, cultures apart
She is the distant land
Exotic, challenging, and luring
The winds of which are too far for me to feel

Red, luscious lips, perpetually smiling:
Hiccups of lusty Himalayas
Dark, flowing hair:
Currents of the Brahmaputra
Graces and looks:
Just like the serene sky.

She comes, she conquers
Oblivious of me, she pains
Oh that smile,
And those grimaces
The only solace
To the teacher's tortures

But then East and west don't meet
Cruel acts of culture and race
So also of attitudes
She a favourite in first row
And I, after all, a back-bencher


Anonymous said...

main bhi usike liye front row main aaya tha.....

sridhar dora said...

abe yaar tum to accha likhte ho.... hamare probationers talk ke liye tumhara galiyon wala blog de do......

Smarak said...

Dr. Vikram Sharma, shadi shuda ho... kyun first row mein jake apni mara rahe ho... peeche aram karo naa :)

Anonymous said...

This masterly contribution on the etymology of. slangs surely deserves to find a place in contemporary discorse on sociology of slangs.......kudos buddy for ur painstaking scholarship